George L. Fouke

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Damn the Warocracy!

A Plea to Restore American Democracy


The Global Architecture of Survival:

Lessons from the Jewish Experience

What do we call a pro-military dogma, wrapped in patriotism? Warocracy. According to George Fouke, Ph.D., retired professor of political studies, Warocracy is a post World War II mindset about power—Who has it? Who wants it? How will it be used?

Damn the Warocracy! explores this new ideology about the rise of misplaced power. It does not foster Democratic, Republican, Independent or any other political party. It focuses on a democratic society with the expectation of voter privilege and responsibility.

Damn the Warocracy! asks the big question. What to live for and what to die for? The political and historical trends that have shaped the Great Generation are now taking form for the New Generation to restore the positive use of political power.

Fouke, using humor and skill, informs and educates the reader about the mistakes of the past, their continuing impact, and future alternatives. He addresses the moral and political crossroads faced by the New Generation with an intensity born from his early life experiences of diversity in religion, culture, values, and political views. Professor Fouke believes in America and challenges the next generation to think independently and become morally proactive in the political arena.

Human civilization is in danger politically, economically, culturally and environmentally, of a final, tragic collapse. New ideas and resolutions are needed now as never before in history. Dr. Fouke has built upon Sir Henry Maine's formula for how societies progress from "Societies of Status" to "Societies of Contract." He has added a third stage: the Society of Dignity. While the Society of Contract preaches merit and ability, the Society of Dignity would expand on that to include the worth and dignity of every individual.

Historically, not everyone is successful in the Society of Contract—the disabled, minorities, those born into poverty, the luckless. A Society of Dignity is a Society of Contract with Purpose. It represents affirmative rights for all, including a minimum standard of living— dignified and humane work, healthcare, education, freedom from hunger, freedom from discrimination—and these human rights are for all, regardless of merit and ability. The Society of Dignity is one that takes seriously the notion that "I am my brother's keeper" and one that takes seriously the notion that "as you do unto the least of these, you do unto me."

Using as a case-study Jewish history and culture, and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a refracting lens, Dr. Fouke examines what a Society of Dignity would look like, and how we might achieve such a society in as many parts of the world as possible. His message is an urgent plea, because the economic, social, political and environmental deterioration of world civilization has become too obvious to ignore. It is clear that we need a new architecture of survival, and Dr. Fouke's unique interdisciplinary, pragmatic and positive perspective is just the kind of realistic idealism that is called for.



Who is Killing the Republican Party?

An Old Professor’s Jolly Rant

What Has Happened to the Everyman?

This Book Questions GOP Philosophies

Fearing the lack of a viable party system has led to cancerous economic volatility that threatens Mr. or Ms. Everyman, Professor George L. Fouke’s political satire takes the  Republican Party to the woodshed.

Readers will find Professor Fouke’s unique satirical voice humorous, entertaining and full of tough love.  

Topics include: Lincoln’s Republican Party versus the Tea Party; Reagan and the Killing of the Republican Party; Who Are Tea Partiers Really Mad At?; Tax Citizenship of the Founding Fathers versus Tax Norquistism; Buchanan and “The Immigrants are Coming, the Immigrants are Coming;” The Horrible Unintended Consequences of Harvard’s MBA: From Hasty Pudding to Hasty Profits Club; Corporate Culture Throwing the Humanities and Civics Under the Bus.

Seeing America at a tipping point, Professor Fouke focuses on solutions for this fragile time and counsels Democrats who switched to Reagan: You Had Reason to Change Before, You Have Reason to Change Again.

A one-sitting, provocative and delightful read!